Why Black Panther Broke All Records

There are several key reasons why this movie so warmly met by different audiences. There were millions of people who decided to spend their time in a local cinema and enjoy explosive action of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe installment. Was it blast? Absolutely! Was it better than other Marvel movies? Nope. It was ok. 
It lacks the depth and grittiness of the Winter Soldier or the scale of Avengers. Black Panther is not a famous comic character either. Why was it such a huge success? 
Here are several reasons. 
Killmonger Killed It 
One of problems that the MCU has is the lack of good villains. In fact, the best villain they had turned into a relatively harmless and even sympathetic antihero who has a very compelling relatable story. While Loki is a great character and adds a lot of depth to the family dynamic in the demigod family of Thor, he is not a true villain. 
Killmonger is what we all were expecting for a long time. The movie managed to make a black antagonist who grew up on the streets and had to fight his way to the top of the world. His backstory alone attracted a lot of moviegoers, but his arc is brilliant. He is a villain with a dream and he decided to die for it rather than see it perish away. 

Africa Is Beautiful 
The sheer amount of love invested in this project shows through all the technological marvels that are shown to moviegoers. Vibranium allows people of Wakanda to protect their culture and identity, but the African country looks authentic and somewhat lived in. If only they dedicated a little more time to world building, the movie could be even better. Still, Wakanda looks simply gorgeous. 
People Are Hyped after Thor: Ragnarok 
That movie was glorious. It was a great high budget comedy that was created with a lot of heart and dedication. The general response to the new chapter in the story of Odin’s son was overwhelmingly positive which was a great buildup for an upcoming Black Panther debut. This is one of the reasons why T’Challa smashed the BO. 
Another important thing is that it precedes the biggest MCU release up to date – Infinity War. Many Marvel fans just cannot miss the movie that leads into the most anticipated comic book movie ever. 
This Is a Cultural Event 
Amazing cast, only a couple of Caucasian faces, and visible respect to both the source material and culture of the continent – these are core ingredients of the success. A diverse cast is exactly what Hollywood needs to who the world that it cares about the future of the industry.