The 3rd World War Is Possible

While some may think that there is no chance for a new all-out war to happen, the chances are not as slim as people think. There are several important factors that can become triggers for a new global conflict. 
Here they are: 
1. Money; 
2. Resources; 
3. Technology. 
Let’s talk about each of these factors separately and try to understand why we should be afraid of the tomorrow. 
Money Rule the World 
Behind every single war in the history of humanity were resources and money. If there was some monetary gain that would justify possible losses, a war was inevitable. Why is this even relevant in the world where cooperation leads to prosperity? 
The problem is that different nations reach that prosperity slower than others. At the same time, the world is not that prosperous. Huge economies are in crisis, Europe is being divided by clashing economies that want to be separated from weakening economic connections, and money is being accumulated in Asia and Middle-East. The balance shifted. Former powerhouses need money and they will fight for it. 

Resources Become Scarce 
Just a couple of decades ago, people did not believe that there will be a moment when we run out of oil and other resources. However, recent calculations and estimations show that our energy sources are finite and that some countries are better suited to use renewable energy than others. Precious and rare metals also become very important as technology based on them becomes more and more valuable. 
We need to share resources and try to cooperate when it comes to using them, but the world is separated and everyone wants to have something that another nation has. This can lead to a new conflict in the nearest future. 
Technology Is Dangerous 
Do you know that a loaded gun sooner or later shoots. Technology is driven by either military demands or possible profits. The vast majority of recent breakthroughs were made by people who were working on something with military application. Some top secret weapons are being tested or developed right now. All of them are loaded guns that must be used or tested. 
At some point, someone will want to test those weapons. This can easily trigger a conflict that will echo across the globe. Sadly, we cannot control this process and demilitarization is still just a dream of pacifists. The cold war is still going strong and nothing will stop it. 
The Winter Is Coming 
Some experts believe that a global conflict on a scale of a 3rd world war is inevitable. Others believe that humanity can find a way to unite and start cooperating on the global scale. Hopefully, the latter is what we will witness in the nearest future.