Which Country Drinks the Most?

There are lots of countries where alcohol is a problem, but for some drinking is a sport and a part of their cultural identity. While African and Asian countries are trying to fight against overwhelming alcoholism, other countries seem to love consuming alcohol in large quantities. Let’s take a closer look at developed countries where people seem to be soaking in vodka. 
#5. Romania. 
This eastern European country is known for its wines and liquors that have been famed for centuries all across the world. Romania’s Palinca and Rachiu are strong fruit brandies that are made in every single town. 14.4 liters of alcohol per capita consumed – this is a very impressive number. 
#4. Russia. 
Many think that Russian people are the toughest when it comes to drinking competitions, but they were outdone by 3 countries! Russians love vodka. This is their trademark drink known in every corner of the world. In fact, some people think that Russians drink vodka every single day and start from young age. While the latter is actually true, most Russians actually prefer cognacs and good whiskey (as some researches show). Citizens of this country consume 15.1 liters of alcohol per capita each year. While this number seems to be frightening, wait until we get to the top of the list.

#3. Lithuania. 
This small European country actually topped this rating for a long time about a decade ago. People here love drinking all sorts of strong drinks including Russian vodka. In fact, one of main export destination for Russian vodka in Northern Europe. Lithuanians just cannot live without good alcohol drinks and consume monstrous amounts nationwide. 15.1 liters per capita – this a number that is suspiciously close to that of their Eastern neighbor. 
#2. Moldova. 
This is a country covered with wine yards. Wine is one of core export products of this nation. They must know their products and taste them regularly. Simultaneously, they try to not forget about stronger drinks. Moldova has its own versions of fruit brandy and vodka. They never shy away from drinking and try to show the whole world who is the boss when it comes to drinking alcohol. Moldova is a district runner-up of this chart with 16.8 liters per capita. 
#1. Belarus. 
The closest ally of Russia on the international arena is their most dangerous rival in terms of drinking vodka. Belarus has the same set of national drinks as Russians. Some call these nations – brother nations. There are some similarities between the two, but Belarus seems to be superior in the drinking game with astonishing 17.6 liters of alcohol consumed per capita.