Water Makes You Fat?

You won’t believe this, but it’s true. Water actually makes you fat, but don’t start panicking and reducing you daily allowance of water to a mere couple of cups. This a very delicate and complicated matter. 
Did you notice that your first weeks of any diet result in relatively big weight drops while all your subsequent months and weeks seem to be an ineffective chore? This is mostly due to the fact that when you cut carbs (most of diets will force you to significantly cut carbohydrates), you start losing water which is usually retained in muscle tissues by glucose. 
Losing a lot of water and shrinking is one of natural stages of any diet. Water is what makes a large portion of your weight meaning that without excess water you will never look bloated. However, controlling water is quite a task and requires you to follow several rules. 

How to Maintain a Healthy Water Balance
Lots of factors that determine how much water is stored by your body are determined by your diet and nutritional balance of your ration. People who are doing the keto-diet know that they need to drink water and often consume additional salt in order to keep bodies hydrated while people who consume a lot of carbs receive enough water with food and don’t need to drink as much. 
It is much easier to NOT do some things instead of sticking to specific rules in order to avoid problems with water balance. We will tell you about things that you should not do in order to stay hydrated. Here are some tips: 
Don’t drink a specific amount of water per day against your will. You won’t believe it, but a healthy body knows how much water it needs. Drinking too much is basically creating additional pressure on kidneys.
Drink enough water with salt when on keto-diet or when fasting. During such moments your body loses water rapidly meaning that you need to replenish your liquids as quickly as possible.
Don’t drink fizzy drinks and sodas. They make you want to drink more when you don’t necessarily need additional liquid in your body.
When you are thirsty, choose water over other drinks. Tea and coffee may shift the water balance due to one being a slight diuretic and another, on the contrary, keeping water inside your body.
The Main Takeaway 
Drinking too much is not a good idea. The rule of 2 liters per day is an outdated advice that will not make you healthier. Maintain the right balance will. Don’t mindlessly drink all the liquid you have, but don’t make your body crave for it either.