TOP5 Reasons Why American Idol Sucks

This show is one of the best when it comes to promoting new stars and entertaining viewers, right? We would argue against this statement. This is a show where money on preliminary rounds and biased judgements rule the ball. Also, it is boring! 
Here are reasons this show sucks: 
#1. It Became Stale. 
Several initial seasons were quite good and created a lot of positive buzz while bringing in huge viewerships, but numbers started to go down at some point mostly due to the lack of interesting innovations and fresh ideas. One of most talented winners of the show Jordan Smith didn’t even get trendy for as long as some other previous winners who were arguably less talented and didn’t achieve same commercial success later on. 
#2. It Is Too Mainstream. 
Some people who are actually amongst loyal fans of the show think that it became too mainstream. At first, it was a fresh experience for many and several stars were born, but the process of turning a winner into a pop star became quite repetitive at some point. You do not expect a new exciting talent anymore, just wait for yet another star that won’t last for long. 

#3. People Are Bored. 
The season finale for the 15th season was quite a disappointment getting to only 13.3 million concurrent viewers which is nearly 3 times less compared to the season finale for season 5. The hype is simply not there anymore and all attempts to bring back the excitement look futile. The question is whether the format can be improved at all. This is like adding cinnamon and pepper to a croissant. You kind of want something new and exciting, but fear that it could ruin the breakfast for you, so you think that putting more butter is the way to go. 
#4. The Reboot Was Unnecessary. 
Common! It has been only two years since the last season aired and the channel announced that they shut down the format. Couldn’t you wait at least another 2 years before starting all over without even changing the format? The same old tale can be entertaining for a couple of times, but the 16th time you hear it, you start doing your own thing. 
#5. Talent Is Running Away. 
Some people who actually were carrying the show decided to either quit or move to other similar projects. One of most interesting moves was actually from Kelly Clarkson who won the first American Idol season. The victory catapulted her career and turned her into a big star. Now, she is one of coaches of the Voice in 2018. Isn’t it just lovely?