TOP5 Movies to Watch in 2018 that You Cannot Miss

Do you consider yourself an avid moviegoer? Well, you still can refresh your list of movies to watch during this year. There are massively important releases that will define the year that promises more AAA blockbusters that any other cinematic year. Let’s take a look at movies that you simply cannot ignore in 2018.
Movie 1. Deadpool 2.
This is one of the greatest Marvel characters constantly breaks the 4th wall and manages to impress with witty toilet humor that is delivered in a very intelligent way. If you want to laugh like a little teenager and awe at jaw-dropping amounts of blood and violence, you just have to watch it. The inclusion of Terry Crews alone deserves all your attention. Deadpool promises a lot of great action and even more dark humor.
Movie 2. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
This is yet another installment of one of the most successful franchises in the cinema history. A huge blockbuster that brings together a very nice cast with Chris Pratt leading the pack of renowned actors. The director promised us a true horror story with some witty humor and great action. The final trailer showed a lot of great CGI and several scares that could make this work.
Movie 3. Avengers: Infinity War.

Has there been a more hyped movie in the history of cinema? Well, we were expecting Avatar to hit theaters for more than 6 years and were rewarded with a massive hit that changed how we perceive the movie industry in general. 10 years and over 18 films worth of buildup created so much hype that it seems that this movie could fight for the spot in the TOP3 of all-time best grossing movies in history. The recent success of the Black Panther also poured some oil in the fire. This is most certainly the most anticipated movie of the decade.
Movie 4. Sicario: Day of the Soldado.
This is yet another great action flick that just cannot be ignored. Benicio Del Toro will be the leading star and the intensity of action seems to be escalated to new heights. Should you be waiting for this potentially amazing action film? This depends on whether you liked the first part.
Movie 5. Meg.
If you are a fan of great movies about monsters from ocean’s depths, you have to watch this new monster movie – Meg. Yes, it is a silly horror action flick about a megalodon that has been sleeping for millions of years but decided to wake up and start terrifying people all over America. Led by Jason Statham, this summer blockbuster has all chances to be fun and entertaining.