TOP4 Strange One-Food Diets that Actually Work

If you want to look good and get rid of excess weight, you will have to limit yourself in terms of food. Eating too much is not a good idea for people who want to lose weight. It is usually enough to just cut down your calorie intake and start moving a bit more to lose weight, but some people go to extremes and choose really strange diets. 
Some of those diets should never work, but they do. This can be explained by a stressful change of eating habits or lack of specific nutrients. Regardless of reasons and science behind them, we do not recommend you trying them out without prior consultations with a nutrition specialist. 
Here are several weird diets that actually work. 

Diet #1. Yogurt. 
People eat only yogurt and start losing weight rapidly. This is actually a good diet if you want to lose weight without causing malnutrition for your body. Various milk products contain carbohydrates, protein, and fats meaning that you will have all essential nutrients to survive and then some. Plain yogurt is also delicious and sticking to this diet is not that hard.
Diet #2. Cucumber diet.
Eating only cucumbers may sound like a healthy diet. Cucumbers have some carbs and contain a lot of dietary fiber. What else do you need from your food? Well, the problem is that cucumbers do not have anything else to offer. Fiber and carbs will not sustain your body that needs proteins and fats to function properly. Without these essential nutrients, some parts of your body will start failing at some point. 
Diet #3. Lemonade. 
Yes, there is a diet when you drink only lemonade. Note that we are not talking about fizzy drinks, we are talking about water, ice, and lemon juice without added sugar. This is a healthy drink that certainly will add vitamins to any diet, but when you try to survive only on this mix of water and juice, you will face problems with malnutrition. The amount of energy and micronutrients that you will get from a couple of liters of lemonade per day is simply not enough to keep your body rolling. Nonetheless, you will lose weight due to the lack of calories. 
Diet #4. Chocolate diet. 
Do you remember that trend that was getting a lot of hype a couple of years ago when some TV doctor dropped the bomb that you can eat chocolate and still lose weight? Well, that doctor is technically right. Chocolate contains carbs and cocoa butter meaning that you will not experience shortages of healthy fats and sugars, but you won’t get any proteins. Why does this diet work? If you control your calorie intake, you will lose weight inevitably regardless of the energy source.