TOP4 Richest Fictional Characters According to Forbes

Forbes loves rating everything and comparing everything to everything. This is a fun thing to do and we decided to check out one of the ratings. It looked quite interesting. Their research was extensive enough, but we decided to add a couple of commentaries of our own. 
Here’s Forbes’ TOP4 RICHES FICTIONAL CHARACTER with our humble opinions. 
#4. Tony Stark. 
This man’s fortune is estimated at $12.4 billion. Forbes decided to compare him to several companies in the real world and also used a couple of hints dropped here and there in the movies. However, Stark should be much richer. He invented the arc reactor and has several very important influential divisions earning him enormous money. As mentioned in Spiderman: Homecoming, he is collecting and processing Chitauri weaponry and technology. This should be quite expensive the MCU world. Another question is why don’t they include T’Chala in the list? 

#3. Carlisle Cullen 
This guy is very rich and multiple Twilight movies made it clear. Forbes thinks that Cullen’s wealth equals $46 billion. He is a very rich investor and allocated his funds in compound investments. We would argue that this vampire is not that rich. Money is very hard to hide. $46 billion is a sum that IRS would have noticed decades ago and started questioning this never aging guy. Why would a “vegetarian” vampire need so much money in the first place? Cullen deserves his place amongst the richest, but we would definitely move him below the “real” first avenger. 
#2. Smaug. 
This mythical dragon is a mighty creature that can level whole cities. He is also a very rich character with an estimated net worth of $54.1 billion. That is a huge pile of money that the dragon uses literally as a pillow. We think that Smaug is actually a little bit richer. He has several magic items in his stock meaning that gold is not the only part of his wealth. Some items are priceless. How can you even evaluate all those magical stones and armors that are hidden underneath the gold pile? 
#1. Scrooge McDuck. 
This is an undisputed champion. His estimated wealth equals $64.5 billion. We all saw the amount of money this guy has. He is crazy rich and definitely could buy Smaug’s lair with all its furniture. Even Tony Stark would respect a businessman of this caliber. This is the most powerful duck in the whole world and we cannot argue with Forbes’s rating on this matter. Show us another rich character who was literally swimming in money.