TOP3 Great Cars for Everyone in 2018

If you love to drive around like a boss, you can skip this article. We are going to talk about models that are quite simple and relatively cheap. These cars are affordable yet good looking and reliable. They will certainly become your first choice if you are searching for an effective purchase. 
#1. Kia Soul.
The real balance of quality and price. This is a little town car that has a spacious trunk and a surprising amount of space for passengers and the driver. The price is also relatively low. You can get the base variation for $17 thousand. It has nice maneuverability and efficient set of features in its base version. 
Check it out:
1.6L I4 GDI is capable of giving enough power to accelerate this car even with conditioner on. 130hp is more than enough for this model. SiriusXM Audio System that will entertain you and playback your favorite tracks. Folding rear seat that allows you to expand the size of the trunk.

#2. Toyota Camry 2018 Edition.
This is yet another car from Asia that has great features and offers enough power to those who want something stronger than 1.6L. Toyota Camry is a car that gathered mixed reviews from owners all over the world. Some people say that this is a great car that is close to premium class while others don’t even consider it a good deal. The 2018 edition definitely looks gorgeous and offers an aggressive look and powerful yet efficient engine. You can get this car for $22-$27 thousand.
What you get:
2.5L 4Cyl 8A is an improved engine that consumes noticeably less fuel compared to the previous version and offers 203hp. Adaptive cruise control helps to monitor all important parameters of the car and control the fuel consumption. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, audio system controls of the wheel, and other neat little details make every trip comfortable.
#3. Honda Fit.
This is a car that will be the best choice for those who love smaller agile cars that can “fit” anywhere. You will love this car that doesn’t consume much fuel and has a contemporary style. It is not an aggressively looking predator, but rather a neat little car that will help you to get to any place quickly. The price varies between $16 thousand and $20 thousand.
Check out basic specs:
1.4L 4Cyl engine is capable of delivering 130hp at 6600 rpm which is more than enough for a town car. All modern interfaces like USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are integrated. 8 vibrant colors to choose from allow you to customize the look of this vehicle.