Hookah and Health Risks. The Sad Truth.

There are millions of people all over the world who believe that smoking hookah is quite safe, but the reality is not that bright. While some argue that hookah is a safer choice than cigarettes, there are dozens of studies that show that hookah can be even more dangerous than a cigarette due to a variety of reasons. 
Here are some concerns: 
A single session of hookah smoking makes you inhale 180 times more smoke compared to smoking a single cigarette. 
The amount of toxic substances is higher due to longer and wider exposure to the smoke compared to cigarettes. 
Passing the pipe along is not as safe as some may think. Lots of diseases can be transmitted like this. 
Smoking is general is a bad habit that ruins lives and makes your organism more susceptible to various diseases. There is not difference how you inhale nicotine induced smoke, you still receive large quantities of a substance that is essentially a slowly working poison that doesn’t even bring any relaxation after you get used to it. Instead, you become addicted and start depending on smoke. 

Should You Stop Smoking Hookah? 
We get it. Hookah is a cool thing and all people love it, but you should never follow the crowd when it comes to health. There was and still is a huge movement regarding vaccination. Some people actually believe that denying their children protection from deadly diseases is a good idea. However, a sane person would never skip a vaccination that does not have a direct negative effect on the body. 
The same with hookah. Fans of this way of smoking are yelling that water is filtering out all the bad stuff (it doesn’t) and that hookah is not addictive (which is also not true). Do not believe them. 
Here are some facts: 
Hookah tobacco contains chemicals, flavoring agents, and metals that come in much higher quantities compared to when you smoke cigarettes. 
Oral cancers are more likely to happen due to smoking hookah because its smoke is more irritating and has more carcinogens. 
Some researches indicate that there could be a correlation between hookah smoking and giving birth to underweight babies or babies with respiratory pathologies. 
Even non-tobacco products contain various flavorings and additives that can be toxic. 
The Main Takeaway 
Some may say that we make cigarettes look better, but it is not the point. Any form of smoking is deadly in the long run. If you want to be healthier, quit it right now. Tell your friends that you don’t want to spend yet another evening in a hookah bar and go watch a movie instead.