Great Superfoods that You Must Include in You Ration

Eating healthy is a good idea in general. However, nutrition is a complicated matter that requires you to analyze your eating habits and search for foods that can complement your lifestyle and dietary preferences. Let’s take a closer look at some so-called superfoods that will suit most diets.

Superfood #1. Quinoa.
This is a seed. It is not a grain like many think. Quinoa has a lot of great features. It is a seed that is full of fiber and protein. There is nearly no fat in it and the amount of carbohydrates is just laughable when you take into consideration that is soaks 4 times of its weight worth of water. You will need a handful of quinoa to make a filling side dish.
Why you should eat Quinoa:
Lots of protein and fiber.
Makes a great filling side dish.
Contains antioxidants.

Superfood #2. Rapini.
Do you like green salads and healthy side dishes? Rapini is a great addition to your ration and can be eaten like spinach or as a complement to a healthy salad. Rapini packs a bunch of vitamins and lots of minerals as well as a hefty amount of dietary fiber. Some scientists argue that this plant also contains compounds that can help to prevent or fight cancer.
Why you should eat rapini:
Contains potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium.
Has a small amount of healthy omega-3 acids.
Provides A, B, and C vitamins.

Superfood #3. Salmon.
If you need a healthy source of proteins, nothing beats Salmon. This is an all-around healthy food that contains both protein and omega-3 acids as well as some vitamin D. This combination is a gift from the ocean to everyone on this planet. Delicious meat and fatty stock can be used in most diets and complement non-vegetarian ration.
Why you should eat salmon:
Lots of microelements including metals and minerals.
A healthy dose of vitamin D.
A good source of protein, fatty acids, and healthy cholesterol.

Superfood #4. Blueberries.
Some people just cannot survive without something sweet in the diet. However, most fruits contain too much fructose to be truly healthy. People who want to prevent diabetes should be careful with how much food they are eating. If you want to add something to your yogurt or just have an itch for something sweet, throwing in a handful of blueberries is a great choice. It has so many micronutrients that listing them all will take a whole page.
Why you should eat blueberries:
They contain vitamins C, K, and C. 
Lots of dietary fiber.
Consist of 84% water.
Blueberries have lots of antioxidants.