Busyboard for Your Kids… and Adults?

If you have ever experienced that feeling when you see a Lego set for your kid, but wanted to open it along without anyone else, you will understand what people experience when they buy busyboards for their kids. A standard busyboard is a puzzle with lots of little details and mechanisms that help to develop motor activity and creative thinking in children. Why do adults love them so much?
The DIY Trend
The immediate reaction of the internet community to this trend was to start making their own busyboards and many of suggested models were not for kids, but for adults. Some ideas were quite crazy and offered safe locks, electronic puzzles, and even smartphones attached to the board. 
While these puzzles were made for children, the real game was in trying to come up with a crazier idea. The race is still going on. Adults are trying their hardest to create a busyboard that will impress others. Obviously, children do not even understand what all the fuzz about. 

Interior Designers Love Them 
A busyboard is like a moving picture that can be used as furniture. You just hang it on the wall if you like the design. This was yet another trend that started online. People were making those beautiful amazing boards to decorate their houses. Children kind of could use these puzzles, but not really. Those were pieces of art created after lengthy brainstorming sessions.
Interior definitely becomes livelier with busyboards that have a lot of moving details and shiny little components. Some of them look like something from a steampunk novel with all those locks and screws put together on a single wooden plank.
Leave Them to Kids!
Busyboards are perfect for toddlers and little kids who just need something that could distract them during the day. It is simply fun to solve labyrinths and toggle various buttons and levers. Working with small functional pieces helps to develop hand-to-eye coordination and creative thinking as well as other important qualities. Children learn how to play on their own without having supervision which is also a skill that children should learn early in order to become autonomous and responsible as early as possible.
This is why adults should stop making games for themselves and focus on creating busyboards that would be interesting to their children. Bright colors, less pointy things, and more creativity – these are priorities that should be in the center of attention of any parent.