3 Great Books That Will Make You Feel Good

Are you one of those people who opened a real physical book made of paper and cardboard in high school? People who once loved reading have that itch. They want to read, but they do not have enough time or simply enough enthusiasm to spend a lot of time on a book that might be not that interesting. If you are searching for a book that will teach you something useful yet entertain like no other media can, my choice of three great pieces of modern literature will catch your attention. 
Here is my TOP 3. 
#3. Madonna in a Fur Coat. 
Masterfully written by one of the best wizards of word from the Middle East region Sabahattin Ali, this story is a moving love story that does not have a Hollywood style happy ending and forces you to contemplate about distance that separates people, tragedies that trigger avalanches of troubles, and various cultural and social borders that our world rests upon. 

A young boy from Turkey spends some time in Germany and meets an amazing woman. She steals his heart mercilessly yet loves him back. The story seems like a typical romcom, but it has a couple of really tragic twists. The fate separates them, but they keep writing to each other and learn about problems in the outer world through their scarce correspondence. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but this book should be on your shelf right now! 
#2. The House of Impossible Beauties. 
A book that sparkled a whole storm of controversy. It is a brave story about a trans woman who created a safe haven for many runaways and misfits. This is a kingdom covered with glitter and beauty, but painfully fragile on the inside. While people do find their place in the house of beauties, their hearts are hard to mend. This is a very interesting multidimensional narrative with lots of colorful characters. 
Joseph Cassara truly managed to find a way directly to my heart and he will most certainly make your evenings less boring. One advice: do not read the book in one sitting, enjoy it. 
#3. Born a crime. 
This is a book that changed lives of many people. When you think that your life sucks or generally feel sad about the current state of affairs, just read this book. An eventful life of one of the best comedians of the recent time is full of tragedies and moments that might terrify the strongest of us. However, Trevor Noah manages to turn every single mishap in a joke and laugh it off. 
This is a story that will make you reassess your way of thinking about life. If a man survived in such an aggressive environment and managed to become a great famous person, your problems can become a trampoline to even bigger achievements!